Large outdoor yoga class
Large outdoor yoga class


Yoga is the stirring of a dormant energy that often takes places when something drastic happens in peoples lives. Moreover, when people come to yoga for many differnt reaons: a bad back, in personal crisis, a death, and many others reasons

The Next Step

After practicing yoga for some time, most people begin to  search for a deeper meaning in life. This usually involved more meditation asana pranayama and philosophy study. Sometimes people leave the path of yoga (i.e enlightenment) but most will come back to it and when they do  they will find it is  always  there to  fully embrace you again!

Yoga Is Everything

“No one can “do yoga.” Yoga means union with God. Yoga means eternal happiness, bliss, joy, and unconditional love. Yoga is who you are. It is your natural state. What we can do are practices that, by revealing to us our resistance to existing in our natural state, may lead us to it.” ― Sharon Gannon

a large group of people doing yoga in India
A large group of people doing yoga in India

To hear the call is yoga. To do away with convention is yoga. Transformation and surrender is yoga. To be vulnerable is yoga. A connection with all life forms is yoga. Acceptance of who I am is yoga.

Yoga brings clarity and purpose. Yoga connects me with people. Yoga is the art of living and dying. Yoga restores sanity. Yoga lets me tap into the flow of life.

Yoga is openness. Yoga is grounding. Yoga is revolutionary. Yoga removes obstacles. Yoga makes us all equal and unique at the same time. Yoga is cleansing.

Yoga is happiness because it let’s me feel the now. Yoga is being at ease and content. Yoga is simplicity. Yoga is meditation. Yoga is selfless service and devotion. Yoga is seeing and transcending thought. Yoga is introspection and contemplation. Yoga is laughter and joy.

Yoga is peace, power, inspiration and beauty. Yoga is life. It is duality, mutuality and unity. It is relationship with all life and awakening into bliss.


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