Enlightenment: What Is It?

Enlightenment, in my opinion, is a state of consciousness where we are purely connected to the highest
source of Love and Oneness with all. A state where we are completely aligned with Source and free of
attachment to the false self, our ego identity and the human condition. An elevated awareness of Truth
beyond the veils of illusion at a still point that transcends all suffering. Enlightenment is knowing our
connection to everyone and everything in communion as an integral part of the Whole, unconditionally
present and powerful. This is where we can break free from mental bondage and the perceptional prison of the unconscious experience and know ourselves as free.

A young kids yoga class doing meditation

How Do We Get There?

To reach these heightened states of awareness, I feel it requires a willingness to explore our shadows
and courageously expose the areas within our consciousness that limit us. This helps us acknowledge
our duality as human beings, accept our faults and release ourselves from perfection. As we learn to
surrender in this way, and through a disciplined practice, we become receptive to a source of wisdom
that connects us to our true nature.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to access their own potential to achieve these states of
enlightenment. Whether in fleeting moments of acute awareness or as a sustained connection. It is
available and within all of us. One thing that’s certain is that we live in a challenging world. A world
that’s governed by fear and illusion, and chaos. It is important to carve out the time to nourish our
relationship with ourselves and disassociate from the conditioning and trappings of modern day
stresses. In so doing, we create the opportunity to return to a state of oneness. Through the practice of
yoga, we awaken to the light of consciousness and are able to release the programs and lies that binds
us. This is where we can truly find enlightenment. Enlightenment is to find our self within our self.