A women meditating and the locaiton of her chakras

Chakras: An Introduction 

You’ve heard people say it before, “you’re chakras are unbalanced!” Maybe not to you but in movies or tv shows? Usually it’s some dig at free loving hippies and yogis. Sometimes the character will even pull out their stones to try and heal this person, maybe even burn copious amounts of sage.

The thing is, chakras are real, and they do become unbalanced, which causes problems and issues in our bodies. So, what are they? They’re little spinning balls of energy that lign up from your head to your pelvis. They work together like cogs in a machine! When one stops spinning, they all slow down and stop working as well.

For everything to be balanced and working in harmony you need to make sure you keep each chakra filled and working properly!

Chakras: The Types

Starting from your crown (the space just above your head) is the crown chakra, below this is third eye chakra (located just between your eyes). The third chakra is your throat chakra, followed by your heart chakra.

The solar plexus chakra is below this in your upper abdomen area, in the lower abdomen is where you’ll find your sacral chakra. The last chakra is your root chakra located at the base of your spine.

Each chakra has an abundance of information associated with it, of which you dive into in yoga teacher training. If you so decide that this is a path you want to take, to learn more about this side of yoga, yoga teacher training is a good path to seek out and follow.

There are many yoga centres in Victoria, BC and Vancouver, BC that offer yoga teacher training with various options for when to complete the training! It’s a decision that you won’t soon regret!

The 7 chakras

Once you learn more about each of your chakras, and the power that each one holds you can learn so much more about yourself.

It’s such an empowering feeling once you become conscious of your body and learn how to be in control of it. Being able to be aware of your chakras, how they work, and how to keep them working is one of the best powers you can acquire on your journey to enlightenment.

You can start by reading up on your chakras and learning what each one entails. The power you will see and feel in your life will continue to grow as you expand your knowledge on the spiritual side of yoga!

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