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We Eventually Find The Soul

In the documentary, it was said that the question “What is a soul?” is entirely unexplainable. It is impossible to capture what a soul is in words, sounds, etc. 

Anyone that explains what the soul is in terms are lying, as it is unexplainable and never truly captures its essence. A soul cannot be visible to the naked eye but rather realized through total aliveness. Our body is alive when we can sense a sensation of emotions. 

He described the soul as light—a light that sees and knows itself and others. There is no such type of light in this universe. Not even the sun and the moon are light; it is a light for others, but it does not know itself. 

This light is something many people look for throughout centuries, hoping to connect with one’s real being. The light is always with you, but you must search for it. 

The closest one can be with their soul is by being your true self and living with yourself. This is not something that is proofed by science or psychology, but rather a sense of being.


Before watching this documentary, I believed having a soul has specific characteristics like experiencing emotions, caring for yourself and others, being selfless, and being content with oneself. 

After watching this documentary, I understand that the soul can never be truly captured through words or sounds. One may search for their soul, but the closest one may become is when they are totally alive and living with one’s actual being.

lady in the woods mediating for enlightenment


Be it Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or MontrealSt John’s or even aboard Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, New Zealand, London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro  and Tel Aviv, the soul cannot be captured in words; however, I wanted to see what others thought the soul was out of curiosity. Therefore, I asked a few of my friends and boyfriend what they believe a soul is? 

My boyfriend, Anthany, said we can connect to the spiritual world and to travel throughout it. He also stated it is our human woken consciousness, and it what separates us from other mammals

My friend Dawsyn said, “I see it as something that is inside that you can express through motion or moves like yoga or dance.” 

My friend Tai Lin stated that she believes that your soul is your inner being. It must be taken care of by doing certain things that you love and give you a sense of euphoria.


In my yoga teacher training, I found that everyone believed the soul was a part of humans, not physically but rather on the inside—is not something that cannot be viewed by the naked eye, but rather something that we feel. 

We must take care of our soul by doing something that produce our happiness. I found these responses interesting as they all capture a similar idea; however, it is a lie. Our soul cannot be capture through terms but instead felt. 

I believe my friend Tai Lin was somewhat correct by stating that your soul is your inner being. In the documentary, it was said that one of the ways to connect to the soul is by being with one’s true self.