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A 500 word paper on “What Is Yoga?” (complete or incomplete with feedback) It's a very interesting definition you espouse that the soul is at the center of all consciousness and that it's an energy at the center being. I've not heard that before and it's fairly good as a definition. According to Hindu philosophy, life is not a linear process, as in Christianity, but is a circular one, were we die many times and stopped reincarnating when we have learned the lessons of life.

In many ways, the soul could be said - as it says in yoga philosophy -  to be a part of or reflection of Atma and in a scientific way we could say that the soul is a fraction or a part of the collective intelligence of the universe. And I agree that the soul is all those things you mentioned at the core of a child's joy to compassion for others (similar to the Christianity bible phrase “there but the grace of God go I”, meaning when we see a homeless person, we know that it's the grace of God that it is not ourselves in that same position. Good paper.