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What Yoga Is For Me!

Yoga helps me to get centered, to regain my internal peace and be in my own space. My practice guides me to be a better person; it makes me feel happy and helps me release negativity from my day-to-day life.

I have learned that Yoga is a way of living, it is not just a once a week (or day) workout, it is being there for you and the people you love, it is to have the connection to everything any human being looks for.

Yoga to me is the achievement of consciousness and internal strength. I have found that I am more open to different ways to live my days, and have learned to have patience with events in my life, I had learned to just let go of what I think should be and I have to just let it be. Yoga has let me see that all that was nothing but an illusion, and a lie that I told myself.

Yoga helped me get back to all of this, which only brought me peace and understanding that I was back on the right path, and that I am still in the right path. Yoga is to me, to be present in the moment, in the now, to believe that I am one of a kind but still one with the universe and other human beings, to know that I am connected to my higher self, and that I can do anything that I set my heart and soul to.

My practice has changed my life in such a greater way, I definitely feel I am better that I was 6 years ago. Because of Yoga I am who I really want to be, without worrying about what others think. It has been just a matter of respecting who they are, and expecting the same respect back.  Yoga to me is simply the best way to live, I crave it, I feel better in every sense of my life when I practice, and it makes me feel so in alignment with who I really am and with my higher self.

Yoga also has helped me to connect with others that think and feel like me, and are beautiful inside and out, and amazing people. Yoga goes deeper in our souls and lets us really see ourselves, for who we really are, and it wakes us up to our truth!