students in a yoga teacher
The Major Benefits of Doing a Yoga Teacher Training 

Too many people come into yoga teacher training seeking a job with something they enjoy: yoga.

What they don’t realize is the many personal benefits in doing a yoga teacher training (ytt) on their personal life. Here are three of the major benefits how doing yoga teacher training will change your life.

students in corpse pose in a yoga teacher training program

Your Knowledge Of Yoga Will Be Excellent

This is not to suggest that you have to do a yoga teacher training to have an excellent grasp of yoga. But doing a ytt will force you into learning the many topics of yoga, like pranayama, yoga poses, the history of yoga. And although these topics are intended to give you a better ability to teach yoga to others; it can only also have a personal effect on your own yoga practice.

It Will Make You Happier

It may be hard to connect the dots of why doing a ytt can make you happier, but the fact that teaching yoga is a higher calling, one where you put others first.

This is helping others to relieve their stress, or helping them connect the spiritual side. Doing this gets you away from the mundane day-to-day aspects of your personal life or job. When you put others first and help them with important things like the above, you can only become happier.

teacher lecturing in a yoga teacher training program

You Will Meet Genuine People

Any reputable yoga teacher training program would screen students and admit only those who are genuine and free of any personal issues.

It’s not to say you can’t come into a ytt with personal issues; but really to be an effective yoga teacher, you must instruct from  a genuine and calm place.

Nothing will turn away students more then a fake or pretentious yoga teacher. People come to yoga class because they’re seeking genuine connections with other humans. And if the human leading the class is fake it sets the entire mood for the class.

Again a ytt can have a profound effect on your personal life. It can  help you to be happier, to meet genuine people and it will increase your own personal knowledge of yoga.