The Soul

The soul cannot be captured in words. It is realized in total silence and total aliveness.” 

Similar to how you are unable to put into words how much you love someone, how happy something made you, or how much pain you felt in a significant loss, you can’t explain your soul. 

I also don’t think soul can be a general definition used across multiple people. 

Regardless if you live in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Halifax or Montreal,  St John’s, everyone’s soul is different, because it is connected to our inner being, the essence of who we are, and there is no one exactly like us in the world. 


The soul is what is living inside of us. It can’t be seen, but it can be realized. We feel emotions, pain, happiness, sadness, sensations inside our body. 


How we feel controls our desires, reactions, actions, what we are drawn to, what we defend ourselves against. The sense of this raw connection within yourself. No one can tell you how you’re feeling, no one can tell you how to feel. 

Practicing yoga or doing a yoga teacher training (YTT), these feelings are caused by something within our bodies and when we are connecting to that inner being, we are recognizing our souls. 

In Sum

Ultimately, I think the soul makes up the essence of who you are. Your soul, your feelings, your emotions, your memories, they are what determines how you portray yourself to the world. It is our reason… our motivator.