The Best Yoga Teacher Trainings Halifax

As vaccine rates increase across Canada, so does  the interest in person yoga teacher trainings increases again. So to save you some time, we have compiled our list of what we believe to be the best yoga teacher trainings in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area

Halifax Yoga Teacher Training 

The Halifax Yoga 200-hour teacher training is not far from downtown Halifax.  The program focuses on Vinyasa Flow and Baptiste Inspired Power Flow yoga, which combines the flow and power of Ashtanga with the meticulous alignment and sequencing of Iyengar yoga.

It is a 7-month program. Halifax Yoga mission statement is:  “I lead with authenticity, skillful intelligence and playfulness. I invest in the value of others. I hold space for people to do their own work, evolving into their highest self.”

Price:  $3,700

Duration: Over 7 months


Style: Hatha

Shanti Yoga Teacher Training

Its 200 hour program is one of the newest in the Halifax area. It offers a variety of 200 hour programs: specifically one for Yin, one for Vinyasa and then one for Hatha. The cost of each however is $3800 making each the more expensive yoga teacher trainings in the Halifax area.

Price: $3,800

Duration: 5-month


Style: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin

AYTT Yoga Teacher Training

A graduate wrote: “The information was presented, woven together with practice and reinforced in a brilliant way. Along with the physical aspects of yoga, was a much more profound and deeper experience–exactly what I was looking for.” 

 AYTT is a certified and accreditation program and is one of the longest yoga training programs in the Halifax area. Its tuition is however one of the most expense in the Halifax area, so not accessible for low income students.  

Price: $3800

Duration: 3 months


Style: Hatha/Vinyasa

Karma Yoga Teacher Training 

Offering probably the most affordable and flexible yoga teacher training in Halifax area. The program is unique in that one can do the 200 hour online yoga teacher training and then come into the in person 200 hour yoga teacher training by paying the difference in the tuitions.

Also  in either program you get to choose a concentration which students focus  on for their practice and certification classes. As well as for their philosophy and research papers in the program.

Karma Yoga also works on the premise of paying it forward. After they have done the program, students to gain experience, offer free yoga classes to friends family and those in the community who don’t normally get access to yoga.

Price: $2295. Payment plans and scholarships!

Duration: 1-Week Intensive (weekdays). 


Style: Hatha-vinyasa-yin

Of course there are other yoga teacher training programs in the Halifax area. But these are in our opinions the most affordable, offering the most flexible; the most professional and certified yoga teacher trainings available in the area.