The Best 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Calgary 

There is a unique spirit within Calgary as a very livable modern city. Yoga has become an increasingly popular activity and so the rise of several excellent yoga teacher training programs have developed in the last decade.  Here below is a list of the best yoga teacher training programs in Calgary Alberta.

Alberta Yoga College

Where 3 yoga teacher training start dates a year.  It also offers a take it as you go taking modules within the program until one completes the entire program.  

The training faculty has almost 20 years of yoga teacher training behind them. It’s tuition is one of the more affordable within the Calgary area.

Price: $3,300

Duration: 3-month


Yoga Santosha

One of the older Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training programs in the Calgary area. Offering a 200 program as well as a 50 hour yin ytt program.  

Its 200 hour is not affordable at $2695. Its 200 hour is  only offered once a year. So with the price and it’s infrequent makes it lower on our list.

Price: $2695

Duration: 6-month


Harmony Yoga

At $2750 the Harmony Yoga teacher training program is the second most affordable yoga teacher training program in Calgary, after Karma Yoga. 

Their program has been around 20 years, offering yoga teacher training in several styles of yoga: Hatha, Restorative and Vinyasa. Harmony Yoga is affiliated with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy

Price: $2750

Duration: 6-month


Mandorla Yoga Institute

Their program is called the embodiment yoga teacher training. Stefani Wilton Is the main trainer. The embodiment program is centered around transformation and resilience.

The program was established in 2007 and is accredited with the Yoga Alliance. At $2360 its tuition is one of the lowest in Calgary.

Price: $2360

Duration: 6-month


Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga offers yoga training across Canada and world. One of its mandates is to make yoga teacher training affordable for everyone, so anybody who wants to become a yoga teacher can become one.  So at $2295, the Calgary ytt is the most affordable in the city. 

As stated many other times, Karma Yoga ytt programs are meant for busy people offering one week and weekends specific ytt options. 

Price: $2295

Duration:  1 Week


In End

There are many excellent ytt programs in Calgary or Cowtown. Some offering specific trainings while others offer basic but quality ytt at a low price. As always one needs to research all of them to understand which one is the best suited for your unique needs.