The Rick Wintle Karma Scholarship Program

Rick Wintle is one of the most fun people a person may ever know. Rick’s knowledge of culture, the arts, and writings was impressive and diverse.

While he knew the great silver screen films, Rick was just as keen to marathon Mystery Science Theater 3000. He was so amazingly, interestingly well-rounded: Rick adored cats, followed football, had a preference for steak and lobster dinners, loved any chance to adventure, was very well read, seemed born to socialize, and really enjoyed horse racing, especially if he had made wagers.

Last summer we hit Victoria’s Fringe Theatre, watched some hilarious shows, and even though he knew time was short, Rick was upbeat, full of energy, and incredibly fun. Rick’s Celebration of Life occurs Saturday, and one of the comments that can logically be expected to be repeated, besides his incredibly fun nature, was that Rick placed others before himself.

Rick genuinely cared about the people he encountered, he lived with class and celebrated the dignity in everyone. That, and a good laugh, Rick completely loved celebrating humor. Imagine the classiest person at the table, refreshment in hand, then he begins telling the craziest joke possible.

There was nothing fake about Rick either, and perhaps that is one of the things I admired most about him (along with his kindness towards people and kitty cats). Rick would say exactly what he thought, back it up with his logical reasoning, and then maybe add profanity in for good measure.

He was someone to be respected because Rick was genuine, and underlying all that truth-to-self was love. He was and is a good soul, a great friend to all. Rick will be dearly missed, yet there will be a time, a day, when we will all meet again in the next world, and there, share adventure and good laughs together again. Rick passes slow with battle with yoga xxxxxxxx.

In memory of Rick, we offer 2 partial scholarships per year.

These 2 partial scholarship covers half the full tuition of any program we offer online and in person and is based on two criteria:

  1. Proof of an income level below $30,000
  2. A 500 word or less statement of 1. why you want to be a yoga teacher and 2. you how will use the training to promote yoga

In exchange, the student of the partial scholarship will give back 50 of karma hours for online programs and 100 hours of karma hours for in person programs to Karma Yoga in some way (e.g. teaching, blogs, etc). Please email us if  you’d like to apply.