Regardless where you live – VancouverVictoria KamloopsBanffJasperCalgaryEdmontonHamiltonReginaSaskatoon,  WinnipegTorontoOttawaMontrealLondon Halifax, St Johns –  we live in a digital age where information is exchanged worldwide instantaneously. The innovations that have made this possible have also pushed education into the digital realm. A person can learn just about anything online today, so it is no surprise that Yoga Teacher Trainings (ytt) are also available. To some an online Yoga training course might sound absurd, but there is more to this than whats available at first glance.

Traditional YTT

In a traditional Yoga Teacher Training, students meet daily with a teacher for meditations, lectures, and asana practices. These trainings can take the form of an “Intensive” wherein students partake every day for 2-4 weeks straight. Or the classes can be spread out twice a week for several months.


In person yoga training:

The Pros:

  • You have access to the physical teacher to ask questions and receive immediate answers
  • There are other students present to share info and support (and make friends!)
  • The entire day (and weeks) are set up to help you delve deep without interruptions (for the Intensives)
  • You will receive immediate in person feedback from the instructor and other students

The Cons:

  • They tend to be more expensive
  • You must be in the location of the teacher you want
  • For the Intensives you will need two weeks straight free

Online YTT

Online courses offer a different and equally valuable experience.

The Pros:

  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Material can be reviewed time and time again without interrupting others
  • Less expensive
  • Do not need time off to participate
  • Can be done anywhere with an internet connection

The Cons:

  • Physically and temporally separated from the instructor and classmates
  • Time delay in feedback and relying to questions
  • No in person real time feedback life can get in the way and stop you from completing the course

In Sum

Both options, if offered from a reputable instructor, will contain the same material. This ensures that the level of education is the same. Which one is best for you? Either way, a Yoga Teacher Training will improve your life!