You will learn in yoga teacher training that the practice of yoga allows us to learn how to slow things down: How to become more mindful. It will also teach you to remember to focus on the present moment. Instead of thinking about yesterday, or what is going to happen in an hour, we are forced to be present.

Fresh organic foods

At first it may feel forced but soon we start to realize that we truly want it, need it, to be living in the moment. One area of our lives that we really should be switching our focus on is eating. We live in a society that want to make everything quick and easy, but that’s not how our bodies work. Here are some suggestions of how you can eat more mindfully.

Make Your Own Food

It doesn’t matter where you live, Victoria, Vancouver, Hamilton or Toronto, It is so very easy to pick up ready made foods. Or meals from fast food restaurants, but neither really serve us our or pockets very well! If you’re rushing off to yoga teacher training or work and realize you don’t have time to whip up a lunch for later you’re only option is to buy something.

A good tip is to dedicate one afternoon a week, or two if it can be spared, to meal prepping for the week. You spend a few hours preparing meals for your week and then voila your issue is solved. This allows you not only to save money, and stress less, but also allows you to truly know what exactly is in your food, thus knowing exactly what is going into your body.

Shop Locally

In Victoria it is so easy to shop locally. There are numerous farmer’s markets you can check out, especially in the summer. Not only is this a great way to ask questions about exactly where your food is coming from but you can also get to know the people that put the hard work into grow your food! There are even some companies that will deliver boxes of fresh, local produce to your door! There are options for everyone.

Take Your Time

When you finally do sit down to eat your meal make sure you have about half an hour to do so. Make sure you sit for a little and think about where your food came from, how it got to your plate, and how it’s going to benefit your body. When we slow things down and are aware of what is going on our bodies truly appreciate this.

A plate of fresh fruit

Digestion improves, and you will feel it too! Take the whole lunch break you’re given at your yoga teacher training to mindfully eat your lunch, sit and enjoy. Be thankful for the earth giving you these gifts to nourish your body!

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