‘In every person lies a child hidden that wants to play.’
Friedrich Nietzsche  

Discover the fine art and science of teaching yoga to young people. Delve into  the most up-to-date educational and developmental research and theory, and how it relates to the practice of yoga. In this experiential training, explore developmentally-appropriate yoga practices that can be used to foster physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being for preschoolers to adolescents.

This program will  introduce you to using  poses (asana), breathing exercises (pranayama), mindfulness and meditation practices, relaxation techniques (yoga nidra) and yogic philosophy can be adapted to be engaging and effective for different developmental periods. Learn yoga-influenced songs, stories, games and artwork to inspire young people.

Karma Yoga was created to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone. At $895 it is the most affordable, certified and high quality kids yoga teacher training program available anywhere.

Regardless if you are an aspiring to become a kids yoga teacher or grow personally this program will enlighten you and give you the tools to become a solid kids yoga teacher.  

All of our faculty are certified and highly experienced and respected. Training with our faculty will give you the knowledge and understanding to excel on the mat and as a yoga teacher, as well as to help you make a positive impact on your students and your communities.

Our Kids Hour Yoga Teacher Training meets and exceeds the industry requirements set forth. Upon successful completion of our program, students will receive a graduation certificate. 


We’ve created the most supportive, welcoming, and inspiring environment where you can learn and grow.

Students of all ages, levels and abilities are welcome to study with our diverse, experienced faculty that offer you different styles and different perspectives.

  • Practical Experience: With our  programs you will  gain more practical teaching experience.
  • Comprehensive: The program covers over 20 beginners kids  yoga poses, with a focus on themes and animals relating poses learning to kids.
  • Work: Our program is certified and most students from our programs are now working as yoga teachers.  We pride ourselves on fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment for our students.
  • Experienced Instructors:  We take every opportunity to getto know our students while providing the best in training, guidance and insight.
  • Support: You will get feedback throughout the program to help you improve. 

Program Outline

  • Psychology of children
  • Anatomy for children
  • Physiology for children
  • Poses for children
  • Meditation for children
  • Pranayama for children
  • Ethics, privacy and the role of a kids yoga teacher
  • Marketing a kids yoga business or program
  • The legalities of teaching kids yoga
  • Complete a research paper on a benefits of yoga for a specific children’s group (e.g ADHD, etc)
  • Develop and teach a practice and certification kids yoga class  based on the findings from your research paper
  • Outside yoga teacher training

Chris, you are an amazing teacher and inspiration! I’m glad I made the time to just be a part of this training.The knowledge I’ve gained is incredible. Thank you for starting such an awesome and affordable teacher training class in Hamilton. Parth, Sept 2017

 Chris  is a wonderful, down to earth yogi, full of passion with distinct style. This journey has allowed me to explore a deeper sense of self I’ve never touched before. Thanks to Karma Yoga and training in nature I have come closer to the unique blessings Yoga has to offer. It has improved my Yoga practice physically and mentally and brought my inner voice closer to a spiritual path. The group was amazing and the energy was truly supportive and nurturing. I can’t wait to share and explore more avenues of Yoga and keep the energy alive as I take it further into my life and teachings. Namaste  Cynthia, Sept. 2017
‘I thoroughly enjoyed my training with Karma Yoga in Dundas, Ontario!  We had a really great class size that was very conducive to interactive and practical learning.  We got to enjoy almost all of our classes outside, either in a nearby park, or a short drive away to one of several beautiful nature reserves. I had no idea Dundas was so beautiful! Chris was a great, passionate instructor that I hope to meet again for YTT500! ‘ Alli, Sept 2017
“I had a great time during my YTT training with Karma yoga this past August. I loved learning and practice my skills in a fun and relaxed environment. I met amazing people in my class. I really enjoyed learning and working with Chris!! I look forward to continuing  and growing on my yoga journey.” Mel, Sept, 2017

‘Karma Yoga Teacher Training was the most affordable studio in town and fit it well with my schedule, so I chose to do the teacher training as a self-development project. I did the intensive 4 week program which just flew
by!…The group class was small and personalized and Chris was always available for individual attention if you needed any. I loved learning all the philosophy behind yoga and days went by very quickly as there was a lot of information to be taught. Thanks Chris and Karma’ Yoga for this wonderful experience! Val,  June 2017

“The teacher training is informative, fun, and a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about yoga as a whole, and my own personal practice.”  Alex,  Apr. 2017

“My experience with Karma Yoga Teaching Training has been very uplifting and made me feel more confident to be able to teach yoga. I learned a lot about asanas and their benefits as well as the history of Yoga…I feel very happy that I chose Karma Yoga for my teacher training and I can’t wait to teach more in the future”  Laura, Nov. 2016

“Karma Yoga is such a loving environment. The studio is warm and cozy and the teachers are great! The yoga teacher training was awesome, I learned so much!” Molly, Nov. 2016

“The yoga teacher training program was a perfect balance of fun and quality teaching. Just loved the program”  Scott, Aug. 2016

“Their yoga teacher training program was great; it covered the basics of teaching yoga with the added component of forcing (all the students in the program) us to find our true real reasons of why we wanted to be yoga teachers. I feel that was the most import thing I learned from the program and it changed my life!” Anne, Aug. 2016


*Oct 4,5,6, 2019 – Beginning To Fill

Tuition: $895.00 (save $100 if paid in full 60 days before)

Tuition includes:

* All ebooks for the course


*Free lifetime access to the course materials

*30{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3} discount all future programs with us

Location: Vancouver BC

Venue: Private studio 

Deposit: a $300.00 deposit is required to hold your spot

Times:  Fri 6pm-10pm & Sat & Sun  9am-9pm