yoga teacher teaching a yoga classHow To Sustain Being A Good Yoga Teacher Long Term

In today’s world, specifically the post covid world, many people, more than ever, want to be yoga teachers. Too many, from my experience, want to be yoga teachers simply to have the title and give little contemplate to the actual activities that are needed to maintain and sustain being a good yoga teacher long-term. In this blog, we will talk about what those things are.

A Passion

It’s a buzzword that many people seem to be using everywhere  in every industry and for every job. In a nutshell, all passion means in being a yoga teacher is you genuinely want to convey the benefits of yoga to others

These are people who have found yoga helped them on a personal level. And want to in turn show  others how yoga can help them also with their problems.

yoga teacher teaching a yoga class

Continue Education

If you register with the Yoga Alliance or the Canadian Yoga Alliance you will have to maintain a certain level of continuing education to keep your membership with both these membership bodies. 

However, continuing education is more about exposing yourself to online courses. Its also exposing yourself to different yoga teachers and styles. 

This can be achieved by going to at least one or two yoga classes  a week taught by other yoga teachers at different yoga studios. The benefit of doing this is will expose you to how other yoga teachers instruct, show enthusiasms. Also you will get to see the mistakes other yoga teachers. With this you can integrate them into your own teaching style. And in turn this will help you to be a good yoga teacher long-term. 


This may seem to have nothing to do with being a good yoga teacher long term, but finding a balance as a yoga teacher makes you a better yoga teacher. 

An example of this, many teachers after completing a yoga teacher training quit their jobs and try to  teach yoga full time. To make it their main source of income money-wise. Some find themselves teaching over 20 yoga classes a week.

yoga teacher teaching a yoga class doing the forward fold pose

Which is pretty well the threshold of what any yoga teacher can teach in a week. Think about that, anywhere between 20 to 30 hours of yoga a week. Which is too much for the body.

If one is desiring to teach more than 10 yoga classes a week, then you should be hiring other teachers. And take a cut of what they teach and offer a space to teach in, or mentorship or like.

In The End 

In the end, to be a good yoga teacher long term doesn’t take much. It’s about really having a true passion for, continuing education and also making sure that you teach with balance in mind.