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How Open A Yoga Studio

Not everyone who does yoga wants to make a living at it. But in fact many people who become yoga teachers truly want to pursue a specific style. Or they want to offer yoga to the masses for many reasons. In this blog we will talk about what you need to do to open up an effective yoga studio.

Get Certified

You don’t need to be certified or have taken a yoga teacher training program. Many of the best most passionate yoga teachers  have never taken any formal yoga teacher training themselves.

But in today’s modern world, were people value associations and certifications, spending the few thousand dollars to take a ytt will be well worth it.

It will stop people from not taking classes at your studio. This is due to the fact that they view you as being qualified. 

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Do A Business Plan

It amazes me the things I’ve done in my life without any planning. I can remember wanting to become a lawyer in Britain when I was in my first year at University after seeing some movie. 

On that I spent the next two years researching the qualifications to do just that. I did not factor in whatsoever if I wanted to live in England, I had never been to England; and didn’t really care about the costs.

You get the idea, so like anything, offering yoga classes is offering a product and is like any other business in that aspect.

So doing a plan of what your brand is, is their a demand, how you will market it, expectations or forecasts for how much you will make per year and so on. Doing this gives you at least an idea of when you’re succeeding versus when you’re not.

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Be Prepared For Work

Starting a yoga studio even if you start with lots of money you should and most likely will in the beginning do all positions at the studio and this is especially true given post-Covid world.  

Through Covid many yoga studios closed around the world and there is now a new and lasting level of expectations with Covid, despite most being vaccinated, people still want the spacing and enhanced cleaning.

And other facts like the vast offerings of online yoga classes work against in person yoga classes offered now again at yoga studios

If your dream is truly to run/own a yoga studio; taking these three above considerations into account will make your chances of being successful that much better.