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How To Get A Job After A Yoga Teacher Training

I once led a yoga teacher training (ytt) where a student had actually quit her job. She did this prior to coming into the ytt as she was adamant to become a yoga teacher. And that was her way to assure she would be a yoga teacher.  This is one of the craziest things I’ve ever witnessed.

No one should think that doing a ytt is an assured way of getting a yoga teacher job, so here are three ideas which will help you stand a better chance to get a yoga teacher training job

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Apply Only Where You Can Walk 

What this means is that you should only be applying to teaching jobs in your immediate neighbourhood. If you can’t walk there within 10 minutes, do not apply there.

If not you will be flying all over and this will only lead to scattered craziness and when it comes to subbing you’ll be having to cross town at rush hour and this will only add unnecessary stress and anxiety to your teaching and life. 

Go To Places That Vibe With You 

Being a yoga teacher is a lot more than just getting students into poses and putting up with busybodies. Actually teaching yoga has a lot to do with you being comfortable within the environment that you’re in.

If the other yoga teachers and even the students or even the studio itself is something that makes you feel uncomfortable this will only make teaching yoga there that much harder.

Teaching yoga again is not just teaching a set of pranayamas and poses; it is  something that comes from the heart and to be genuine one needs to feel ultimately comfortable, in my opinion.

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Be Willing To Teach A Few Classes

Doing this and  even helping out at the studio that you’ve got your eye on will let the owner/manager know that you’re serious. As well this will allow you to see what working there is like without a big commitment.  

There are a lot of other things you can do also, but these are three lesser-known ways to get a job once you finish your yoga teacher training program.