Regardless where you live, Toronto, Vancouver,  Montreal, greatness in any skill or profession comes down to a deep sense of personal dedication backed by passion and action. Yoga Teaching is no different.

Taking a Yoga Teacher Training course is advised to start ones journey as it will afford you the chance to learn from a more experienced teacher. But what if you’ve already taken a Yoga Teacher Training, how does one become a great teacher then?


First, you will have to be truly passionate about what yoga offers. Unless you’re fully in love with one or more aspects of the yogic life then it will feel more like work to teach than anything else. This burden will carry into your classes.


The greatest Yoga Teachers are devoted Yogis. They are students who are further along their learning journey and reach back to help others along the way.

These people are fueled by a deep passion. Some for Health, some for service, Others still by a deep love of the Divine. Whatever it is that fuels their Practice also fuels their teaching.


Secondly, you will need to practice. You know that saying “Practice what you preach”? Well it’s equally true for teaching. If you are not on the mat as much, or more than your students then you won’t be able to inspire anyone to deepen their practice. Leaders go first, and as a teacher you must lead by example.


Lastly, you can never stop learning. Just because you’ve taken a Yoga teacher training and have taught classes (no matter how many) you must always stay humble. No one is an expert in Yoga, not even the Gurus – we are all human. To err (make mistakes) is Human, and making mistakes is valuable!

Why? Because a mistake is an opportunity to learn more about the practice and oneself. Learning is the foundation of any good teacher. There are Master Teacher Trainings available, as well as specialized courses. These offer unique and specific knowledge for your personal and professional journey as a teacher.

In Sum

What does it take to be a Great Yoga Teacher? Everything you already have: and interest in Yoga, a Passion for growth, and a commitment to a lifelong journey of self-discovery and learning.