enlightenment happening in a mind

How I Became Enlightenment Doing A Yoga Teacher Training

I recently completed a one-month intense yoga teacher training in Vancouver. After the process, I came to terms with many issues which have bothered me for years. Also doing yoga poses and meditating daily, I have come to a peace to what I feel is a constant stage of enlightenment.

What Is It

I feel like depending on who you ask, you can receive many different explanations and answers as to what enlightenment is. 

For myself, I feel like enlightenment is a gentle awareness and acceptance of the present moment, moments when the mind is perfectly in the now without losing your attention to past events or future anticipations. 

lady in the woods mediating for enlightenment


When the mind is in this state of enlightenment, compassion is free to express itself. It is because of this that I believe enlightenment can not be truly seen or felt in someones words but in their conduct. 

A person who is in the state of being enlightened, holds a special vibration and energy which can be felt when you are near them. 


There is the phrase “the meditators glow”, their eyes seem to sparkle and you yourself feel calm when you are in their presence, which inspires you to become a better person. In the present moment, is when the mind is home. 

This isn’t to say an enlightened person cannot also experience “negative” emotions, like anger. I believe as long as we are having this human experience, we will also experience the myriad of emotions that come with it. The difference in the source of the anger. 

enlightened peopleAnger

Where one person may honk and give a middle finger to a car that cut them off, deriving from quick action and a feeling of separateness, the enlightened individual will get angry, but seeing with the eye of compassion, they are likely to react in a less volatile way. 

They see themselves in everyone, even the ant. Realizing the person who cut them off is probably having a bad day, running late, or suffering in some way, they can accept and understand the situation and allow it to pass without acting from hatred or ignorance.


When one experiences enlightenment, the world is seen through a new lens. There is no separation from the universe, you are a part of everything and everything is love. 

In enlightenment, gratitude overflows the soul. In this peace, even the curtain blowing in the gentle breeze can feel poetic and perfect. There is an urge to smile at strangers, to help others, and to move slowly, peacefully and intentionally among a world of chaotic energy. 

There is no feeling that comes close to the peace felt in these moments of enlightenment, you could be sitting on a rotten stump or in the most luxurious chair, and with enlightenment, each moment is blissful in equal measure. 


I believe everyone, with patience and an open mind and heart, and a practice of introspection, can experience the pure bliss of enlightenment. 

Without the act of clinging to the feeling of keep this peace, we allow it to return. Through a daily practice of yoga and meditation, as well as genuine and humble intentions, practicing kindness and compassion, and serving a purpose greater than ourselves, we can allow the glow of enlightenment to illuminate our soul and guide us through the world.