We Become What We Practice

One of the main things we teach in ytt or yoga teacher training programs in Vancouver, Toronto, HamiltonBali and Thailand is: Helping students find their true teaching voices.

To become an effective yoga teacher, we must practice teaching. Finding your teaching voice is not so much a search inward, but rather is shaped through practice. Each class that we teach is an opportunity to discover what we are able to provide to students in a way that is safe, caring, effective and timely.

Develop Your Voice

As you develop you teaching voice, it also gives you an opportunity to trey new approaches, and experiment a little. Discover what works for you and your students!

Many teachers use a chosen spiritual quote or passage from a favourite book, poem, or speech to start and/or end the class. A short scripture, story or poem can work to calm the mind and centre the students as they begin to focus on their practice.

Building Relationship

Further, building a relationship with students starts with respect. Showing respect in actions and words is an essential trait for success.

This can include sharing personal stories and experiences from your own life, or yoga practice. Respectful communication throughout the class builds trust and confidence in students (and in your teaching practice).


Following each class, it is good practice to journal (yogapedia.com). Here one can document what went well and what could have been improved following each class. Reflecting on the glass provides an opportunity to determine what we, as teacher would do differently next time. It also works as a signpost to build on our successes.

These practices inevitable encourages reflection and insures improvement , which over time and in turn in time, this is how we find our true teaching voice.

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