There has been an increase in yoga therapy programs since the popularity has grown. Here are some things to consider when picking a program:

  • Before you start doing any research, you should come up with a list of things are important to you in a yoga therapy training program.
  • Once she done that it’s going to take you time and energy to do research on  various yoga therapy training programs to find which ones will fit your budget. As well as which ones are certified – which  will get you a job –  versus ones which are simply nonsense not worth your time!

  • Once you narrow the list down 3 or 4 yoga therapy schools, next you want to start to look at the website and online reviews of the each program. As well as the  faculty and other aspects of each institution that will suit your needs.
  • Once you have visited each institution’s website, it would be a  good to see if the community – the institutions are  located in – are ones that will suit you. If the program is being offered in a winter environment and you are somebody not interested in snow, then a program in Montreal might not be for you.  

Once you have narrowed things down to one or two institutions, you should then begin to  communicate directly with both the institutions through email and phone. The responses and amount time it takes for them to reply – amongst other things – should help you to decide what is the best yoga therapy program for you in the end!

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