enlightenment happening in a mindEnlightenment  Perspectives From Two Yoga Teacher Trainings

Enlightenment is something that we all contemplate as we all travel our journeys through this life Consciousness. As Covid changed the way we work and live, many people have begun to ask serious questions of what is Enlightenment to them on a personal level; here are two personal views on that from students from yoga teacher training: 

What Is Enlightenment: View 1

To me, enlightenment means to live in harmony with all things. To live in harmony with everything within you and without you. To find the balance between your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of your being. 


To live in balance with all of the people around you, with all material within your environment, and the spiritual forces that span across the universe. It means to live in harmony with universal truth. Finding that perfect harmony requires a lifetime of experience. 

This experience can be gathered by trial and error, but I have found that a great deal of that error and hardship can be circumvented through rigorous research of exalted texts from every human era. 


The perennial philosophy is filtered throughout various cultures and important eras from natural geniuses, but once that common truth is penetrated, the doors of enlightenment begin to open.

The issue I find with enlightenment is that though the door may open to you in good time and with disciplined investigation, the door will only provide a glimpse before it is slam shut in your face. 

person meditating on a dock for enlightenment


The mind is a deliriously inconsistent mechanism that can’t stay in one place for too long, and so enlightenment must be constantly reminded and dragged to the forefront of attention. This ability to recall and hold steady your focus on the true conduct of happiness is most effectively exercised through yoga and meditation. 


This practice must be done daily and treated with utmost respect and urgency. As we head towards the final shroud of death, the light we ignited within our minds fades ever quicker. This enlightenment must always be stoked and guarded against the storm of ignorance that sweeps across our reality. 

Once someone has come to comfortably hold on to their enlightenment, they must properly wield it. The way to properly wield this enlightenment is to keep it at the ready within every event and interaction, to be trusted as a guide for right conduct and unfettering love.

I find that once someone has found enlightenment and learned how to wield it, they must be ever more careful to then not abuse it. 



This question can quickly lead to an obsession, and rip even the most astute and fortified believer away from harmony outside of enlightenment. One becomes obsessed with their belief, possessive and unwilling to share it with the world. 

Many people throughout history have treated enlightenment as a fragile philosophy that must be guarded at every chance from corruption. It is dangled in front of the masses and coaxed into a weapon of control. The true quest with enlightenment does not lie in how it is obtained, but how it is shared. 

It cannot be forced, it cannot be ignored, it must come to the unenlightened naturally from an honest and good intentioned mentor. It must not become an attachment, to be enlightened means to be comfortable with being unenlightened. 

To allow it to come and go as the tide rises and falls. To remember what you have learned, and to forget so that you can learn anew from a fresh light.

What Is Enlightenment: View 2

Enlightenment is the awakening state of our conscience and you can get this through being constant and with a lot of discipline practicing meditation, love, kindness, compassion, unity, yoga and balancing your chakras. Is very important to reach enlightenment by starting to balance your 7 chakras

To get the enlightenment you need to be born but to be able to be born again you must die first and die means for me everything old must die.

lady meditating for enlightenment


Upon awakening our consciousness will be clearer to achieve the path of enlightenment and we will have found who we really are and also our inner self and for what purpose we are in this wonderful world but the purpose of enlightenment and awakening is as I said before is broken everything old dying not physically but internally this means that we can be reborn in other word die everything old and be a new self spiritually.

With disciplined yoga and meditation we can reach that state of enlightenment, so when you get to this state you are with serenity, balance and the most important thing about this state is a spiritual peace. 


Also in this state we are connected with the universe and feel as if the universe is part of us. This is an internal state and we are the same person but we look at the world very differently with other perspectives and we live our lives no more the same the normal people keep sleeping or in other word not awake in mind and spirit. 

We are more alert and bright in our mind, spirit and soul. I can say when we are in enlightenment we find our internal Christ or God internal. We need to recognize that all of us are part of God and when we are enlightened can say we are connected with the essence of God. 


God is the universe and the universe is God. What is more special and important than connecting with the essence of God? Nothing.

Enlightenment is the most beautiful state the human can reach. We are more awake and we are living in this world with happiness. Also I can say we reach freedom and liberty in our thoughts because now we understand and know how to obtain spiritual liberation.


“According to the teachings of yoga, enlightenment is the goal of all meditation and yogic practices-physical, mental or spiritual.” yogapedia

Without this state we are in the dark how when we are inside of the womb of our mothers and when we born we see the light in the exterior, that light is similar to the one we are working to reach the enlightenment in our lives, but in this case it is the awakening of coming out of the dark into the light, let the darkness back and start the new journey.

Being better with ourselves and helping other people to work and reach the power to awaken our minds and consciences must be our mission in this world.