lady in the woods mediating for enlightenment

I know that when  I think of enlightenment, I go directly into my body and somatically, I feel the notion of freedom.  All through Canada: Vancouver, Victoria , Kamloops, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Regina, SaskatoonWinnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax, St Johns, freedom resonates the most for me when I think of enlightenment.

Freedom: Enlightenment

I know that from my experience and from doing a yoga teacher training I feel close to freedom when I feel connected to spirit, and with my external world, friends, the environment and also when I feel connected somatically with my physical body.  

Kundalini practice is the most practical and effective vehicle for me to feel all of these connections at once.  Enlightenment I believe is found only within oneself. It is a unique equation of spirit, physical body, inner world and external world.  

Leaning: Enlightenment

Additionally enlightenment for me specifically means, leaning into uncomfortable places, often wounds that stem from individual and inter-generational traumas.  

The initial step for me with regards to aligning the aforementioned four steps of enlightenment, is to wade into the weeds of my own traumas and withdraw the learnings that are offered there and also metabolize those experiences, so that the emotional charges that those events may have carried can be released. 


I do this in order to be aligned with my most authentic trueful self. From this place I want to live and operate in the world. 

Enlightenment for me currently also looks like supporting other men, to lean into their gifts and start to share those with the world which is most often after completing some deep authentic soul shifting shadow work.

Lastly, enlightenment is about connecting and reconnecting with spirit/god.  I have found my path back to source through ancestral work, lead me to intergenerational traumatic patterns.  

With a hope that the farther I went back, the clearer my current reality and reactions would become.  

Small Amount

From yoga,  what I came to understand is that spirit has always been with me.   

As I am spirit and spirit lives within me, in much the same way as power.  These are not things that are taken or gifted, these are components of who I am.