lady in the woods mediating for enlightenmentEnlightenment From Doing A Yoga Teacher Training

Embarking on a journey of yoga teacher training (ytt) equips you with the skills to teach. It also brings forth enlightening life experiences. It’s a path towards self-realization, deep introspection, and heightened awareness. In this blog, I will delve into my personal journey of seeking enlightenment through a ytt.

A State of

Enlightenment for me is a state of awakened understanding about the universe and how we are part of it. It is to be fully present in yourself and the present moment, and experience ease along with it. 

For me, enlightenment is to transcend suffering and accept the problems of the mundane world in which we live. For a deeper understanding of the universe and how we are part of it. I believe it is to be freed from the turbulence of the mind, to learn to calm the mind and reside in the true self. To experience this deep spiritual peace, presence, and wholeness, and to lie in the truth of universal love. 

enlightenment happening in a mindConsciousness

To be enlightened is to realize that we are not our minds but true consciousness. To be able to change those patterns that are mind-made and disconnect that to be true presence. 

I am personally far away from this state. Yet I do my practices to slowly be able to become more present and involved over time. For this reason, I start by getting into meditation, movements, and listening to my body and my breath during the day.


I try to find times during my everyday routine in which I can be fully present within myself and follow my breath. To listen to the silence in between the worlds and the sounds, and silence my mind. This brings me ease and a state of acceptance of my life, which helps me with stress and overcome difficulties. It is for me to believe in this cosmos energy that surrounds us, which is always there yet we have to make the decision to encounter it over time. 

By practicing yoga, being present, and understanding this consciousness over the games of the mind, the concept of enlightenment becomes more familiar to me. With it, I learn to listen to myself in different situations, to be the observer, and decide what fits me and what I should let go. 

Enlightenment for me is also being able to listen to your true self over everything that happens around you and act accordingly to what you truly feel. It is the realization that this inner presence, this consciousness, ease, and connection with the universe is there no matter what. It can serve you accordingly, and only you have the ability to do this for yourself.   


We all tend unconsciously to put our attention on the external world (the world of  Maya). To be enlightened is to see that call from the outside and go deep inside yourself with acceptance.  To overcome the mind and live in a true presence and consciousness state. 

I believe enlightenment is something that cannot be explained with words. Yet it is very simple but hard to achieve. It can only be felt over time when you live in the present moment knowing that this is all you have. I do wish to eventually achieve this state of enlightenment with time, practice, and self- consciousness.

In Sum

The path towards enlightenment is a lifelong journey. One that is often winding and requires patience, self-compassion, and commitment. Yoga teacher training can serve as a powerful catalyst on this journey. 

While enlightenment may seem elusive, it lies within the realm of daily practices, presence, and the conscious.  It’s a journey of self-discovery, learning, and growth, steeped in the transformative power of yoga. Ultimately, enlightenment is about recognizing our true nature, fully present, at peace, and harmonious with the universe.