Regina Saskatchewan


Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. It is also the second largest city after Saskatoon. Is the government head of the province. At over 200,000 people it is also one of the most livable and fastest growing cities within Canada with one of the lowest unemployment rates

Things To Do In Regina

Wascana Centre

This 10 square kilometer park is made up around this man-made lake which contains the government legislation, a recreation center at the University of Regina and many other hiking trails and recreational activities. 

The park has paved trails for rollerblading, running and walking. 

Saskatchewan Legislature

Saskatchewan Legislative Building in Regina

It was the most expensive building built in western Canada and opened in 1912.  This is where the elected members from throughout Saskatchewan meet to argue to pass laws. The legislature sits on the Wascana Centre which is a beautifully landscaped park surrounding a 120 hectare with a man made lake. Open daily to free self-guided audio tours.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

This Natural History Museum of Saskatchewan was established in 1906 and is the second largest natural history museum next to the ROM in Toronto.

The museum has natural history specimens from within the area; as well as dinosaur bones dug from local archeological sites west of the city. 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) 

This is the national training centre for the federal government police force. The RCMP, unlike municipal police force, offers a much more strenuous and comprehensive police training program. 

This is primarily for the fact that the RCMP provide many of the policing services for many rural and smaller communities across Canada. Thus the ability to have skill sets that will adapt to many different cultures across Canada is a requirement.

 Trips From Regina


 The town was settled in 1881  on the Qu’Appelle River. Known as the prettiest little town in the province. The town is situated in a valley with many breathtaking views around it.  In the summer time it has a great Farmers Market.

Moose Jaw 

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Weyburn is a medium-sized town on the  Souris River 110 kilometers south of Regina and only 40 miles north from North Dakota.

The town’s name is Scottish for “wee burn,” referring to a small creek. At one point Weyburn was the center of wheat consolidation;meaning it was a major head of where it was transferred to the railroads back in the 1960s and 1970s. The City’s population has declined since then.