Ottawa Ontario


On the border of Quebec and Ontario, Ottawa is the capital of Canada, with almost a million people; it’s the fifth largest city within Canada. As a capital, it is full of historic tourist attractions which include the Parliament, Supreme Court in the Canadian and the Mint. The area is set along the beautiful Gatineau Mountains, as well as the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.

Things To Do In Ottawa 


The Parliament of Canada is Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Commons. It set on the Parliament Hill and is the center of government of the federal government and host a large Canada Day celebrations each July. 

Canadian Supreme Court

This is the highest court in the judicial system of Canada. It is made up of nine justices, who adjudicate the application of Canadian law, and is the last court of appeal n Canada. Daily free tours are available in the summer months. 

Canadian Mint

This use to be where all currency in Canada was made. Now it makes coins only for collectors or to commemorate important people and events in Canada.  It is open year round for tours.

Trips from Ottawa


This is small town of 1000 is one hour east of Ottawa along the Ottawa River. This  hotel, the Chateau Montelbello

which was built all of wood in 1930 and has 211 guest rooms. The hotel offer tennis, biking, and sailing. It is open year round.

Gatineau Park

Owned by the federal government and maintained  by the National Capital Commission. The Park is 361 square kilometers and the main entrance to the park is 4 kilometers from downtown Ottawa, Ontario.

Historically in the park contains a conference building at Meech Lake, whichs is where failed reform Canada’s Constitution in 1987 was held.  

Algonquin Park

Located 240 kilometers west of Ottawa. The Park is made up of forests, rivers and numerous portage lakes. It contains the famous Oxtongue River and the Barron Canyon Trail. This is also the location where Tom Thompson, a member of the Group of Seven, did many of his famous paintings and died mysteriously.