edmonton alberta


Edmonton is the capital of Alberta  and it is the fourth largest Province.  It has a population of about 1.5 million which makes it the second largest city in Alberta, after Calgary. 

As the provincial capital its economy is made up of government employment and the oil industry; with the tourists and film industry being a close third.

Things To Do In Edmonton

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

This famous over 100 year old hotel is situated on the bluff of the North Saskatchewan River. The hotel connects to many hiking and running trails which are part of the Rossdale Park. It is also situated on the edge of the downtown area.

Alberta Legislature Building

 The Alberta legislative building is over a hundred years old dating back to 1895. 

There are daily free tours of the legislative building and  in the spring, summer and fall. The legislature is where the  provincial government conducts its public business.

West Edmonton Mall

First opened in 1981, it was at one time the largest mall in the world. Now it is the third. It’s still a large local draw for tourists and for locals with over 800 hundred stores, the massive water park, the Fantasyland Hotel – where each room is themed – as well a remake of Bourbon Street which mimics the New Orleans famous French Quarter.

Trips From Edmonton

Sylvan Lake

A few hours away from Edmonton. The lake has shopping restaurants, gorgeous views of the water, plenty of water sports. In the summer one can kayak, paddle board. In the winter one can ice fish aslo.

The Badlands

This is the largest Jurassic era site for dinosaur bones in Canada. At over 3 hours away from Edmonton it is well worth the visit. Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.