What is included with the tuition?

  • Free PDF versions of the program books
  • Payment options
  • Practical teaching experience with employment opportunities
  • 30{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3} discounted all future programs with us, and

How the prerequisites to apply to this program?

You need a 200 hr yoga teacher training certificate or permission 

Do You Offer Payment Options?

Payment options are available after the $500 deposit is paid.

How Is Our Teacher Training Program Different Than Others?

The main difference with our program is you declare a specialty which then makes up the majority of your program. 

Moreover in this program students will have several times to practice what they are learning and we will give  you feedback before being evaluated at end of the program.

Lastly, aside from offering very affordable programs – with added values like payment options, 30{131173ed06903c8be65f6a81efeb8c2748771fe1459b6ab57276defad424c2c3} discount off all future programs with us – our programs are an equal balance of theory and practice.  

Who should take this program?

If you are looking for a career in yoga than this program is for you.