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Solace, BA, BA, ERYT-200,  Lead Instructor & Director of Teacher Training

Solace, has been practicing yoga since 2003 and has been teaching since 2010.

In his teaching, Solace is most interested in connecting people with the healing aspects of yoga; through movement, breath, and meditation. His classes combine mindfulness of alignment, breath, and a sense of play. Aside to teaching in our yoga teacher training programs, Solace teaches hatha classes, special needs, meditation and sees clients for private yoga sessions.

Lastly, he tries to teach new teachers to find their ‘true voice’ as yoga teachers!

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Aya, BA, RYT-200

Aya spent several years exploring many different yoga traditions leading to years of study in the hatha yoga tradition. She completed her first hatha yoga teacher’s training in Tokyo, Japan and the Rue-si Dutton (Traditional Thai ascentic self-stretching) teacher’s training in Bangkok, Thailand. She also studied the basics of Ayurveda as an extension to yoga.

She moved to Vancouver (mecca of yoga in Canada and North America!) recently to practice more advanced yoga. She enjoys sharing her love of yoga and is fascinated by how many people from all walks of life find yoga to be a transformative practice. Her aim is to create a welcoming and enjoyable space for people to feel inspired, challenged, uplifted and nurtured.

Anne, BA, RYT-200

Anne began her yoga career volunteering at a yoga studio in England, when she was 18 years old.  Yoga has been – over the years – something she has left and come back to; it has helped her deal with the ups and downs of life. It was this realization  that  she decided that yoga teaching was calling her – per dharma – so she enrolled in a yoga teacher training program in 2010 and has been teaching ever since. Anne teaches Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers; as well as the Business of Yoga.