I joined Karma Yoga to take my Yoga Teacher Training Course after many years of considering where and how it was feasible time wise and affordable!  Karma Yoga did both with their one month intensive course.  Small amount of students so very personable and what a great bunch of 5 amazing ladies from all walks of life. Rachel B, July 2017

I feel totally confident to start on my path teaching as the we covered daily practical and theory studies.  The course was far more indepth with the philosophy than I expected which I believe gave a well-grounded understanding of what yoga truly is.
“Karma Yoga Teacher Training- A month spent deepening my personal yoga practice, learning how to teach poses, discovering more out about myself, and meeting new friends- I loved it! Larassya B., July, 2017

Karma Yoga Teacher Training was the most affordable in town and fit in well with my schedule, so I chose to do the teacher training as a self- development project. I did the intensive 4 week program which just flew by! I loved the studio location (right by the beach) and that it was in a quiet suburban neighborhood. The flow of the course was lovely with alternating between being active and seated while learning throughout the day. The manual and the powerpoint presentations were very useful and informative and Chris (the teacher) was a passionate, caring individual and was a pleasure to learn from. The group class was small and personalized and Chris was always available for individual attention if you needed any. I loved learning all the philosophy behind yoga and days went by very quickly as there was a lot of information to be taught. Thanks Chris and Karma Yoga for this wonderful experience!Val E, July 2017

After doing my first yoga teacher training in the Bahamanas, I felt ready to teach. I did my second teacher training with Karma Yoga this past June and all I can say is Wow!!! They really put a new spin on teaching. They took the conventional atmosphere and instantly made it this light-hearted, yet homey feeling space.It proved to be the perfect place for meto give back to myself. It was a place where I was able to comfortably open up, share laughter and work with others towards a common goal.
Even the philosophy discussions and presentations kept my full attention. They were upbeat, informative and inspiring. Most of all, each and every one of us was actively involved. Day by day I got to see the
positive changes within myself. It’s was a journey that everyone should personally experience and Karma Yoga iscertainly doing it right. A.J, June 2017

“My experience with Karma Yoga Teaching Training has been very uplifting and made me feel more confident to be able to teach yoga. I learned a lot about asanas and their benefits as well as the history of Yoga. The studio is very cozy and inviting, the vibe is very positive, fun and genuine and the location is central and accessible as are the prices. I feel very happy that I chose Karma Yoga for my teacher training and I can’t wait to teach more in the future” Laura A-S, Apr. 2017

“Karma Yoga is a sweet, quaint studio in a beautiful part of Victoria, located close to the lovely Gonzales beach. The teacher training is informative, fun, and a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about yoga as a whole, and my own personal practice.” Alex, Apr. 2017

The studio offers the best classes and yoga teacher training in town with affordable price! The studio is so lovely and close to the beach. It’s always nice to walk to the beach after class” Aya, Mar 2017

“Great community brand. Great free classes, great teachers and events! Truly this is a brand that practice genuine love and inclusiveness all in the name of yoga! Sam. M, Oct. 2016

The loft where the classes are held is beautiful. Classes are great and the prices are really affordable! Totally recommend them! Penny R, Sept 2016

From my experience these guys are the most knowledgeable, genuine and friendly yoga business around; they also  have the best priced classes and yoga teacher training in the Garden City! Friesen D.May, 2016

Wow! Been looking around for a while for a studio like this. Best rates in town and the loft is very cute! Janet B, Aug, 2016

Great classes, really affordable! The studio is beautiful; as well as the location! As a new comer to yoga its has a very chill environment!
Great prices and pretty genuine! Love the location, right near the ocean! Kate M, Oct. 2016
Came across these guys by accident, they are the new yoga kids on the block they have unbelievable affordable yoga classes! A. Boyle, Aug, 2016

Great yoga classes and such a great community minded studio.Steve B. June 2016